Bellydance Haven has been performing extensively for corporate and private events. We perform at company dinner and dances, functions, fundraisers, parties and birthdays. Our performance team dancers have taken to the stage during festivities like New Year, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Deepavali, Labour Day, among others.

The school provides many chances for students to further hone and showcase their skills acquired from belly dance lessons offered at the school. Through performance opportunities at school concerts, gala shows and dance recitals, students have been able to showcase their skills and techniques picked up from the belly dance courses offered by Bellydance Haven. In this way, we empower students to heighten awareness of the artform.

Students are invited to join the performance team based on merit. The team can perform in various styles (traditional, Oriental, fusion, modern and others) and props like wings, canes and fan veils may be incorporated into the performance choreography.

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At Bellydance Haven, the belly dance lessons are conducted in a fun, engaging and relaxed manner. Learning in a friendly and social environment encourages mutual learning and builds up cohesion, allowing students to enlarge their social circle at the same time. Students can look forward to a destressing time after a long day at work or at home and bond with each other through music and dance. Bellydance Haven is more than just a place to take up belly dance courses - it is also a place where social ties and relationships are built and strengthened to create a community of like-minded individuals to share weal and woe together.

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