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Bellydance Haven offers a range of belly dance classes in Singapore to suit different abilities and skill levels.

Belly dance lessons at the school are categorised into beginner, intermediate and advance levels. No dance background is needed for beginners and you may sign up your first lesson as a trial to see if this is the right dance for you. Under steady guidance and instruction from the school’s instructors, students can progress through the different levels. For dancers with strong background and experience in belly dance, they may consult with the school’s principal dance instructor to find the level - intermediate or advanced - suitable for them. At all levels, students will be taught belly dance choreography, techniques, movements, musicality, body flexibility and more.

Belly dance fitness classes are also available for students who wish to focus on the health and fitness aspects of the dance, besides mastering the techniques involved. BellyFit classes are a great way to tone up the muscles, control weight, enhance posture, and improve on your basics of belly dance. These classes are not classified into any level, and all ladies are welcome to join a trial class. Depending on your focus, Bellydance Haven will have a class to suit you.

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