Founder & Instructor

Founder & Principal Instructor


Giselle founded Bellydance Haven in Singapore in 2014 to spread her love of bellydance. She aims to improve the lives of her students through dedicated teaching and constant practice.

Besides imparting belly dance techniques to her students, she aspires to see increased confidence, refined poise and enhanced deportment in her students.

An avid learner of many different dance forms previously - Giselle had learnt from a young age contemporary dance, Chinese dance, ballroom, Latin and salsa. She became deeply attracted to bellydance because of its sensuality, elegance and grace.

Giselle has been trained by various belly dance masters around the world such as Egypt, Hungary, Russia, Argentina, Ukraine, Italy, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Korea, Hong Kong, China and many more. She dances various styles of belly dance and is able to incorporate props such as veils, fan veils and wings. Giselle believes in constant diligent practice to further refine and elevate her skills.

Giselle is a member of the team that has won the Champion award in the World Bellydance Festival 2015 Professional Troupe category organised in Singapore. She was a member of the team that was awarded fourth in the Professional Troupe category at the Miss Bellydance Malaysia 2017 competition. She was also a participant of the Asia Global Bellydance Competition Amateur Solo in Singapore in 2014 and 2015, the Mabrouk Bellydance Competition Professional Solo in Seoul in 2015, and the World Bellydance Festival 2015 Professional Solo in Singapore in 2015. Giselle has participated in various performances such as company dinner and dance events, concerts and charity events to name a few.