About Us


Improving lives one shimmy at a time!

Bellydance Haven is a professional and dedicated belly dance school in Singapore that will help you realise your personal vision through its fun-filled and energetic belly dance classes. Besides, we also offer authentic belly dance performances for your private and/or corporate events.

You do not need any prior experience with dance to take up belly dance! Any woman, of any age and body shape, is welcomed to join our classes. The BellyFit Class and Bellydance Beginner Class are perfect for anyone who would like to get started on this art! Through belly dance, every lady can bring out her femininity and sensuality.

This art form elevates your self-confidence as you become more aware of your body and become part of a positive and vibrant community of like-minded dancers. You will experience improved body coordination and flexibility, and also become fitter and more toned up! Through constant practice, you will enhance your poise and sense of rhythm, and see yourself becoming more graceful and beautiful.

Our students are able to further elevate their passion in the art form through various performance opportunities. Outstanding students will be nominated periodically to join the Bellydance Haven Performance Team, known as The Haven Angels, who will represent the school at external shows and events.



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"Giselle is a very patient and approachable instructor. The classes I had attended were fun and most importantly helped me to perfect my techniques." - Angeline Lim, Oct 2016

"Enjoyed every class that Giselle taught and the classmates are great team members too. We are in intermediate 2." - Diana Teow

"Doing Bellydance level 2 soon. Level 1 was amazing. We were taught by Giselle and the technique to dance!" - Lili Soeliani

"I took a BellyFit class yesterday. I simply loved it!!! Giselle is a great teacher and had everyone dancing in no time!" - Andre Mora

"Awesome!" - Nie Ying